You can help us to improve services and care practices for adults on the autism spectrum across Europe, if you answer this on-line survey

This ASDEU survey aims to achieve a better understanding of the different kinds of services and care practices across Europe that is available for adults on the autism spectrum.

There is very little research knowledge in services and care for adults on the autism spectrum. We hope the survey will provide some answers and be used as a guide for policy and services improvements for adults with autism in your country and other European countries.

We invite you to participate if:

You are an autistic adult and will share with us your personal experience in getting services and care as an adult on the autism spectrum.

You are a family member, partner, or carer of an autistic adult and will share with us your experience in the life of an adult on the autistic spectrum.

You work in an area of adult services and care (e.g., social worker, therapist, psychiatrist) and your work may bring you into contact with adults on the autistic spectrum, although you may not always be aware of it.

If you are one of these persons, your answers are crucial and it is very important that we learn from you about the adult services that you know of or have experienced.

All of your answers are anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.

How to participate

The survey is available now in English, Danish, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Icelandic and Romanian. We expect to have translations in Finnish, Bulgarian and Portuguese. We will announce when additional translations are available.

The time it takes to complete the survey depends on your experiences with different kinds of adult services (e.g., diagnosis services, residential services). If you don’t have experience with a specific kind of service, then you are skipped over the questions about it. The time it takes to complete the survey may take from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your experiences.

Each of these links take you to the survey page where you can sign-up for a personal link to the survey.

Your email is not used or saved for any other purpose than for the survey to send you the personal link and it cannot be linked to your answers. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS VALUABLE!  THANK YOU FOR TAKING A FEW MINUTES TO HELP MAKE ADULT SERVICES BETTER ACROSS EUROPE.