Specific Objectives

Two main specific objectives are derived from the foregoing framework:

  1. To apply a public health model to ASD focused on prevalence estimation methods, early detection programs and the improvement of early diagnosis and intervention.
  2. The creation of a new European evidenced-based framework that will improve the care for both adults and elder people with ASDs.


These aims are focused on the three major dimensions of healthy living of people affected by ASDs:

  1. Estimation of the prevalence, definition of different subtypes of ASDs in the European Union and estimation of related social and economic burden;
  2. Early detection of ASDs in children and adequate interventions;
  3. A comprehensive framework for adult with autism treatment and care. People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are at a greater risk of experiencing health problems as they get older. The increased longevity of persons with ASDs in industrialized countries leads to a need to define good practice on how to detect such conditions at an early stage and guidance to prepare appropriate frameworks for treatment, care and integration.

Painting by Elbio Fernández SaraPerson diagnosed of autism.