List of articles published

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Final findings:

Programme conclusion and legacy

We are very proud that this unique programme is set to help frame autism practice and policy across Europe. As well as identifying specific recommendations, we have identified the most promising directions for future research and important gaps between practice frameworks and their delivery.

The programme’s most important legacy will be its contribution to the development of future autism research, policy and practice. Through discussions with member states, we are using the ASDEU findings to work towards the inclusión of autism on the agenda of the Steering Group on Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases. To support this, we have placed programme reports and findings on the Steering Group’s Europa good practice portal. This also means that ASDEU information can be accessed by academics, practitioners, policy and decision makers across Europe.

This website will also be part of the ASDEU programme’s legacy, and will remain available until the end of 2019, so anyone can access information about the programme and its findings.

As well as the report summary, you can read summarised findings from the different studies within the programme, HERE. These set out the results of the programme’s investigations into:

  • the prevalence of autism in 12 countries in the European Union
  • the economic and social costs of autism
  • improved early detection programmes and professional training
  • biomarkers for autism
  • improving understanding of diagnosis, comorbidity, and effective care
  • supporting autistic adults and senior citizens

ASDEU programme summary report

In September 2018, we agreed the final full report, including all findings and recommendations, with the European Commission.

You can read a summary report HERE.

ASDEU Conference

ASDEU Conference

Near to 100 delegates from 26 European countries at the final conference in Madrid in January, where representatives from 22 groups and 14 countries presented and discussed the findings from this unique three-year programme.